Mobility Map

By Shauna Keating

Thesis Website

The goal of Mobility Map is to promote the creation of more welcoming and inclusive pedestrian communities, such as college campuses like SUNY New Paltz. It is a UI/UX prototype for a web app that lets users to document areas that are not passable for people with mobility impairments from a mobile device. The app would seek to provide a greater sense of community among those who are physically disabled.

The design of the interface and user experience is focused on following protocol for web accessibility and inclusive design through use of color, contrast, type, and other elements. Mobility Map is meant to in itself be an accessible experience.

A large focus in the industry of UI/UX is thinking about potential users that have different life experience than the designer. For me, this was a great exercise in empathy and taking on concern for people that face challenges I don’t always have to. To understand the problems faced by the people I am designing this for, I researched physical disability and assistive technology. I used this information to develop stories for fictional people that might use an app like this, called personas.

This experience has really shown me that creating an app is a lot more than mocking some stuff up in Sketch. I have seen how important it is to consider others, lay out logical information flow, and how much conceptual work and planning goes into creating something like this from start to finish.



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