By Sara Wagner

KetoBox Website 

KetoBox is a low-carb, high-protein snack brand that provides healthy on-the-go products, including protein bars, fruit and vegetable chips, and trail mixes, for busy people. These snacks especially benefit those with gluten intolerances, those looking for low-carb, high-protein solutions to support weight-loss, as well as diabetics who are looking for a quick low carb snack that will sustain their hunger.

Pre-packaged ketogenic products are scarce in today’s consumer market, which provided a unique opportunity to design something that fit this particular niche. KetoBox sees its responsibility to the consumer as paramount. It both provides its caloric and carbohydrate information upfront (while other brands utilize net carbs) and works with the best quality ingredients. This work has become more than just packaging and a supporting website; it has become an exercise in brand-strategy as well as recipe-development in order to truly understand the products being marketed.

When creating the packaging, I introduce bold, bright colors that would give the brand uniformity and vitality while still providing separation within snack categories. The addition of illustrations in place of photography and the design acquires a 60’s style character that fits with the approach of a health food brand. KetoBox’s products can be obtained via an eCommerce website both individually and by a subscription-box format that delivers quarterly. The eCommerce site functions as a showcase for the packaging and provides insight into how the consumer would experience the purchasing of these products.

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