Pass It On

By Nicole Striffolino

Thesis Website
We are currently living in a society that protects and insulates the racial interests of us as white people, causing our tolerance for racial stress to be very low. Robin DiAngelo refers to this as white fragility, a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves. In the double read pamphlet I have created I explore two di erent types of reactions a white person may have when receiving racial feedback. First, is from the mainstream framework where someone may be unconscious or ignorant of their white fragility. Second, is from an anti-racist framework where someone is making an active e ort to work through their white fragility. Each side depicts one of the frameworks and goes through the following: feelings & behaviors, claims, underlying beliefs, and how it functions. My project title, Pass It On, circulates around the idea of spreading knowledge and continuing the conversation. On the last page I explain that it is the responsibility of the reader to now pass on the pamphlet to someone else. I allow for such distribution by providing envelopes to people I am in direct contact with and by having a site which includes a PDF of the pamphlet so that people can send it digitally.


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