By Melina MacFarlane


STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. These fields are rapidly growing, and have an immense, infinitely valuable impact on the world around us. However, gender inequality is exceptionally prevalent in STEM, both in the realm of employment and our educational system. This issue begins affecting girls at a young age, and a variety of elements often discourage their involvement in STEM.

GOSTEM is a project designed to be a part of the solution and to increase girls’ interest in these fields. The project’s website consists of three core sections that include exciting, encouraging information. Whether it’s explaining how your smart phone came to be, discovering interesting STEM jobs, like a LEGOLAND Designer, or seeing inspirational female role models, from both the real world and movies and TV shows, GOSTEM allows girls an opportunity of exploration that was perhaps not accessible before. The site is designed to be an immersive, stimulating experience that sparks girls’ imaginations and inspires curiosity concerning the world of STEM.

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