Print Dialogue

By Megan Doty

Thesis Website

The project Print Dialogue seeks to explore the intersection between linguistics, design, typography, and meaning through critical making inquiries. With a back and forth process between design and theory, ideas within linguistics such as double articulation, regional dialects, plurilingualism, the international phonetic alphabet, diachronic / synchronic studies, and pragmatics are explored in their relation to design and the use of typography as a means of expression. Double articulation, for example, is the ability within language to be able to use a finite number of sounds (those available within a given language) to express an infinite number of ideas. Within design, there are a limited amount of visual elements that can be used to create a composition, yet they can still be combined in an infinite number of ways to communicate any desired message. The outcome of Print Dialogue thus is a series of studies and accompanying writings both compiled into a single book, reflecting on making and bringing ideas explored within design and type back into the realm of linguistics.

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