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By Kristen O’Connor

The goal of my thesis is to create an interactive book that will allow the reader to experience the story in a new way. By breaking away from the typical text block structured book and incorporating full-page imagery and interactive elements, I aim to create a more memorable and entertaining experience. There is a connection between text and imagery, which enhances the story. My thesis deals with the topic of recreating story books in a way that makes them more interactive and desirable for readers. I want to create a book that is more than just bound pages of text; it will allow the reader to become a part of the story and experience reading a classic tale in a new light.

Fairytales are the first stories we are told as children and become a part of our lives. Whether you have read the stories recently, or have not since you were a child, you can still remember the main story lines. Fairytales have the ability to transport us to another world or time period, which is what I hope to achieve with my thesis. The story’s text helps us imagine the characters and create their landscapes with our imaginations. By adding in my own photography and illustrations, I aspire to create imagery that will capture you and help bring the story to life even greater then text could on its own. I also want to push the structure of the book a step further and incorporate interactive elements that enhance the storyline. These interactive elements will allow you as a reader to connect with the characters greater by allowing you to participate in major moments of the storyline, and create a new experience with them by being able to unfold the pages and reveal hidden areas.

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