By Kaylie Pyrch

TransGeneration deals with the relationship between parent and child when the child is transgender. An increasingly popular topic among society and little to no education on the topic leads to incorrect assumptions and a lot of questions by Generation X and even the Baby Boomers.

I created a double sided book where one side is for the parent and the other side is for the child. It is symbolic because the two ends of the book meet in the middle. This book contains resources that will help bring the parent and child together to learn about transgender issues and the sensitivity of this topic for both parties.

Identity Puzzle is a 3D printed puzzle with three simple questions about your identity. The answer to each question gives corresponding color for the sex you were born, the gender you identify with and your sexuality. This shows that gender and sexuality are not related and are not personal choices. The choice is if the individual chooses to follow through with how they dress, how they carry themselves, going through hormone therapy and having surgery. These choices do not make or break the identity of a transgender person.

Screen printed TransGeneration tees are available for purchase online while supplies lasts. Visit and follow me on InstagramTumblr.

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