Let’s Talk

By Emma Wenig

Let’s Talk is a website about comprehensive sexual education. Inspired by the failures of the current sexual education system of the United States, Let’s Talk intends to educate middle and high school students in an environment where they know there are no stupid questions. The purpose of the website is to empower young adults to take their sex education beyond what they learn in the classroom. Each section of the website begins by covering the basics of topics such as birth control, STI’s and relationships and then goes more into depth on the topics in ways that are not addressed in health class. These sections include pictures and charts to o er visuals for them to follow along with and make the topics easier to understand. The last section of the website is an interactive map of New York state, which young adults can use to nd resources in their area. Broken down by region and then by type of business (family planning clinics, STI clinics and LGBT resources) or by county, the map is intended to give young adults access to what is around them to help further their education.

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