Critters of the Gunks

By Carly Watson | Critters of the Gunks on Instagram

Critters of the Gunks is a small business that sells t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, etc. All merchandise features an illustration of a di erent animal that lives in the Shawangunk Mountain Range in New Paltz, NY. The Shawangunks, or Gunks, are one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the entire world. It is home to dwarfpitch pines and many more rare plants and animals. Critters of the Gunks celebrates the diversity of the animals by illustrating them and making them wearable. With every purchase made some of the money is then donated back to organizations that help protect the Gunks, there is also a fun fact zine that is comes with each purchase that tells the buyer facts about the animal featured on their item. The goal of this thesis is to brand, and design a product line that not only captures the beauty of the Shawangunks, but also educates the public and protects the environment. This thesis sprung from a deep love for nature, newfound interest in wildlife biology, and many hikes in the Gunks.

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