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Gamer’s Code

Gamer’s Code

By Carolyn Cino

Gamers Code of Conduct

The inspiration for my thesis project came from playing video games every weekend and ever since I built my gaming pc. Most of the games I play are war simulation games, also known as rst person shooters as well as rpg games. As a female gamer, I get a lot of discrimination, such as getting kicked from a game just because I am a female as well as being cursed out in game . I have also witnessed other players, regardless of gender being discriminated. For a while, I wanted to create a simpli ed website in form of a public service announcement. I wanted to make this project about all gamers, so people feel comfortable in the gaming environment. A project that would inform people that this is going on in gaming communities. I designed a simpli ed website in a manner which is most important to gamers. This project is targeted towards all gamers in all gaming communities. The simpli ed website is easy to and fast to understand prior to when someone is about to enter a game. I have also made a video section with examples of other players as well as myself that are facing trolls over the internet.

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